We provide disease diagnostics of ornamental plants in all California through farm advisors, or directly from growers.   To submit a sample please fill out the plant disease form: PLANT DISEASE FORM 5.24.22

How to submit a sample guideline: How to submit samples

To mail samples: Package samples in paper or plastic, well padded.  Include a specimen information form or email the  form to Johanna at jdelcastillo@ucdavis.edu

Mail to:

Johanna Del Castillo
One Shields Ave
Hutchison Hall room 205
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA, 95616
Lab phone number: 530-752-8015



Diagnostics Summary Results 2020-2021

The ornamental diagnostics clinic initiated in June 2020 thanks to funding provided by the Plant California Alliance (PCA).  In 2021, the PCA and the National Plant Diagnostics Network (NPDN)  enabled the continuation of this service to ornamental growers in California.  Find the diagnostics results of the most prevalent diseases infecting ornamental plants in California, that we shared at the PCA board meeting on Spring 2022. PCA Diagnostics Report 2022



IPM Approaches for Phytophthora and Pythium Root and Crown Rot in the Nursery and Greenhouse. https://www.cleanwater3.org/video.asp